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P3.express Practitioner: experience in preparing for certification

Hi, I’m Mikhail Belov, and I'm quite keen on different project management certifications.

Throughout almost all my professional journey I have been dealing with project activities, and recently I’ve started teaching it at the universities of our country — that’s why it's a major concern of mine:

1. It’s great to understand what I'm doing (throwing one’s practice and experience around), but it's also important to explain things in a nice and correct manner);
2. Be sure that this is not my value judgment (how else can you share knowledge?).

All this back-story led me to the fact that today I have probably the richest collection of project management certificates in the CIS (PMP, PgMP, PfMP, PMI-SP, PMI-RMP, PMI-ACP, DASSM, the world's first PMO-CC, PMO-CP, GPM-b, PRINCE2 Foundation, PRINCE2 Agile Foundation, ICP-ACC).

This is done not for the sake of an increase, not for the sake of competition — but for me and for the students who study under me at an ordinary state university.

The other day I managed to achieve the P3.express Practitioner certification.

This is not my first certificate, but it was as pleasant as any other.

As a general matter, P3.express is what I refer to when I am dealing with people who have:
· No experience;
· No project management system in the company;
· Nothing that works properly.

And I confidently recommend P3.express to everyone — as a multi-purpose, simple and at the same time useful item.

Simple, correct and easy-to-understand.

Thus, when I was told that there was a P3.express certification, I did not doubt for a moment.

The moment arrived in March.

Well, those who recommended it should suffer, so I came to Dima and Lera to PMCLUB.PRO in order to get ready.

So, I needed 3 evenings to complete the course after very stressful weekdays, I did all my homework — in case I misunderstood something. It was promptly checked :)

The course covered 90-95% of the certification at the time I was doing it.

In general, the course, like P3.express itself, is a helpful in terms of not filling one’s head with nonsense (like PMP and so on).

The guys scrutinize all the details and do not hesitate to revise the material that is believed to be critical. So, from the whole course on P3.express, it is important to learn that:
• One should think ahead;
• We need to communicate;
• It is necessary to get feedback;
• It is essential to accept work (AT ONCE);
• Problems must be addressed.

All in all, the key is not to be distracted by how Dima clicks the mouse :)

What is worth learning from the course? Everything, in general, has already been described above, once again, this is a useful and simple thing that works. You can use the site to get tips for your everyday routine and so not to rack your brains over something.

After completion of the course, I received a link to certification and a simulator. At first I thought of taking a break, since there is always lots of work to do, but curiosity won out, and after two attempts at the simulator, the exam was successfully conquered within 40 minutes.

What is to be noted about this certification?

1. There are questions about ethics that are crucial for any certification. They must be completed;
2. There are questions about the above-project level. You need to know that the project is not torn out of the organizational context. In terms of the test it means mentioning the management system, the project portfolio;
3. Everything else is sufficiently covered by the course (especially if you read additional materials).

The benefits of certification:
1. Certificates are valid for life — but they are attributed to the year they are issued; e.g., “P3P-2022".
2. It is quite affordable (depending to what extent something in foreign currency is available today);
3. It's cool :)

As for the drawbacks — I'm not sure about its validity on the market today — but it rather concerns those who receive it to get out the message of its importance to colleagues and the employer.

So, if you want an international certificate that suits any environment, I think it is the right one.