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Learn the most practical way of doing projects and get an international certificate.
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The bundle can be paid via credit card or the company’s current account
Certification by the framework's authors
50+ useful links, checklists, and templates
35 video lectures, 35 tests, and 7 assignments
Training at a normal pace takes 2-4 weeks
After the training, you will receive a certificate of completion. You can then take an independent exam and receive an international Practitioner certificate that is recognized worldwide.
The exam is administered by certN and Van Haren Learning Solutions
Get the international certificate

What is

P3express is a minimalist project management framework. The framework was developed in Europe. In 2020, it received the support of the European Union.
Today, dozens of specialists around the world help develop the framework. And dozens of companies use it as a basis for managing their projects.
In March 2022, the team released the Practitioner online certification. It is now also available with our online-course.

You will learn how to

The course guides you through all activities
— Build internal communications
— Assemble a strong team
— Plan the start of the project
— Follow the deadlines
— Deal with project risks
— Coordinate the project team
— Evaluate the results of the work
— Hand over product to the customer
— Bring the project to completion
Who will benefit from the course
Junior project managers
Middle project managers
Senior project managers
— Order in running projects
— Practical tools to educate the team
— Ready plan for the start of a new project
— Basis for a corporate PM methodology
— Easy system to implement in a company
— Updating the accumulated experience
— Confidence in interviews
— Key project management skills
— Quick start in the profession

Free schedule and a convenient learning format

You study on the GetCourse online platform. We open all lectures at once. You can study at any time and from any device that has a browser.
Short video lectures
Tests and tasks
Additional materials Practitioner Certificate
The course contains 35 video lectures of 5-10 minutes each.

You can change the speed of the video, and if you accidentally close the lesson, the video will pick up where you left off the next time.
The course is built around a case — the story of a project. To help the team successfully complete the project, you will complete assignments after each lesson:

— 35 tests with automatic grading and comments
— 7 tasks with our feedback on the platform.

Each module ends with a single test on the topic of the module. Take the tests and see the results with explanations of the answers.

At the end of the course, you will have a final test.
Sometimes you have a questions after watching the video, and you would like to understand the topic better and get answers.

We have collected useful materials on each course topic and attached them to the lessons:

— more than 50+ links to articles, podcasts, videos, and books
— 10 ready-made checklists and templates for work
— short conclusions on the topic of the lesson
— answers to popular questions on the topic
— as well as questions to reflect on :)
After completing the course, you will receive a certificate. It serves as a bonus for your resume and shows employers your desire for professional growth.

You can also take an independent exam for the Practitioner international certification.

7 modules, 35 lessons, 4 weeks

Consistently study all phases of the project from idea to result.
After each lesson
take a test or complete a project task
After each module
take a theoretical test on the topic of the module
1st module — 10 lessons
Project Initiation
This module will help you understand how to:
— Define roles in the project
— Prepare a project description
— Create a deliverables map
— Conduct a project initiation review
Module lessons:
A01. Appoint the sponsor
A02. Appoint the project manager
A03. Appoint the key team members
A04. Describe the project
A05. Identify and plan the deliverables
A06. Identify risks and plan responses
A07. Have project initiation peer-reviewed
A08. Make a go/no-go decision
A09. Kick off the project
A10. Conduct a focused communication
Test for the Project Inititation Module
– Lesson assignment
Create a project description
Create a deliverables map
2nd module — 5 lessons
Monthly Initiation
This module will help you understand how to:
— Prioritize tasks
— Detail plans
— Organize a kickoff meeting
— Establish communication inside and outside the project
Module lessons:
B02. Have the monthly cycle peer-reviewed
B03. Make a go/no-go decision
B04. Kick off the monthly cycle
B05. Conduct a focused communication
Test for the Monthly Initiation Module
B01. Revise and refine the plans
Update plans
Send a focused communication
3rd module — 4 lessons
Weekly Management
This module will help you understand how to:
— Track the status of project tasks
— Work with deviations in the project
— Hold weekly meetings
Module lessons:
C02. Plan responses for deviations
C03. Kick off the weekly cycle
C04. Conduct a focused communication
Test for the Weekly Management Module
C01. Measure and report performance
4th module — 2 lessons
Daily Management
This module will help you understand how to:
— Turn chaos into a simple routine
— Get used to dealing with daily risks
— Not overload the team with work
Module lessons:
D02. Accept completed deliverables
Test for the Daily Management Module
D01. Manage risks, issues, and change requests
Work with a follow-up register
5th module — 3 lessons
Monthly Closure
This module will help you understand how to:
— Evaluate the customer's and team's satisfaction
— Draw useful lessons from the cycle
— Make group decisions effectively
Module lessons:
E02. Capture lessons and plan for improvements
E03. Conduct a focused communication
E01. Evaluate stakeholder satisfaction
Test for the Monthly Closure Module
6th module — 6 lessons
Project Closure
This module will help you understand how to:
— Deliver the product to the customer
— Audit project closure
— Archive the project
Module lessons:
F02. Evaluate stakeholder satisfaction
F03. Have the closing activity group peer-reviewed
F01. Hand over the product
F04. Archive the project documents
F05. Celebrate!
F06. Conduct a focused communication
Test for the Project Closure Module
Announce the project closure
7th module — 3 lessons
Post-Project Management
This module will help you understand how to:
— Estimate the benefits received
— Understand what else needs to be done
— Estimate the number of your successful projects
Module lessons:
G02. Generate new ideas
G03. Conduct a focused communication
G01. Evaluate the benefits
Test for the Post-Project Management Module

Course authors are ambassadors

Dmitry Ilenkov, P3P, PMP
Valeriia Ilenkova, СAPM
Trainer of Project Management courses (HSE, KinderMBA)
Co-founder of PMCLUB
Prior President of PMI’s Moscow Chapter
More than 5 years of management in volunteer, educational, and commercial projects Practitioner
More than 10 years in project management
Accredited Trainer
PMCLUB founder
PMBOK7 (by PMI) Reviewer Practitioner
Independent lecturer at HSE University
Become a Certified Expert
Pass independent testing and get the Practitioner Certificate from the framework developers.
Certified specialists will structure projects and manage them effectively with
100 minutes for the entire test
67% score needed to pass
Unlimited validity of the certificate
Completely online-based testing
70 multiple-choice questions

What our graduates say

I've passed the course. It was great and helped me learn more about Congratulations to Dmitrii and Valeriia for such an excellent course.
Samira Shirvani
Project planner, ENBank
PMCLUB, Dmitrii Ilenkov and Valeriia Ilenkova it was nice to go through your course.
And it is highly recommended to all #students and everyone else interested in The minimalist #projectmanagement system that will #change work of #projectmanagers in the future.
I am looking forward to join #community .
Portfolio Division Manager
Dragan Anicic
I will definitely try it on some project.
I liked the course, the framework somehow reminded me of the agile adopted by us. There is something to learn and try to use with us.
Avito Lead Engineer
Alexander Dankovtsev
4. Comprehensive informational and simply human support in the person of the course creator.
3. Document templates are available for download and use here and now.
2. The video part was recorded in a normal studio with normal sound and lighting.
1. All information is presented concisely and exactly to the extent necessary for understanding. All extra materials are placed in a separate list.
Express 42 project coordinator
Albina Kuznetsova
I liked the course: it has the basic minimum for good project management, which is so lacking in most companies. P3express is a very convenient framework that the guys managed to convey concisely and interestingly. I appreciated the high level of teaching methodology, templates, the quality of short lectures, the convenience of the platform, and the list of recommended articles on each topic.
PM Group Head in Ozon
Karina Ovanesyan
I also want to say thanks for the useful articles, templates and links on the topics of the course :)
I started to apply the acquired knowledge in the current project (it’s a pity that I didn’t know much when I started it and made mistakes that I learned about on the course) and a new one. In the current one, the workspace has been put in order and the execution process has even accelerated. And the new one is just being implemented, but p3express is already giving the right direction to the project. Cool! :)
I am very satisfied with the course. Literally put everything on the shelves and put things in order in my head!
PK Spring Project Manager
Alina Ziyazitdinova
Rolf Project Manager
Sabina Gurbanova
It is not always obvious which answers are correct, there were doubts and internal dialogue, but for the most part, all questions are logically arranged and make you think, which is always extremely useful :)
The course is high quality, interesting and useful.
Great examples. Straight forward. Easy to understand. Interactive with direct feedback from training providers.
Project Manager / Agile Coach, HTEC group
Stefan Stojkovic Practitioner
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The voucher includes one attempt for the official exam and 12 practice exams
The voucher includes one attempt for the official exam and 12 practice exams
Access to the course for 1 year
Exam is in English
The voucher to start the exam is valid for 1 year
The voucher to start the exam is valid for 1 year
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