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How to become certified project manager with P3.express

Hi everybody!
I’m Aleksandra Novikova.

The greater part of my professional life is related to project management, and for the last few years I have worked as a project manager in corporate innovations. 

I found out about the P3.express framework and certification in March 2022.
P3.express caught my attention above all others because it offered international certification. Due to my engineering education, I’ve always wanted to take a project management course in order to systematize my existing experience, supplementing it with theory. So, I decided to start with the course "Project Management with the P3.express framework", and then pass the exam. By the way, I had never prepared for certification in project management before. 

Generally speaking, other guys have already explained a lot about the course, certification and training in the @pmclub blog. Thus, I will share the things that were useful for me during the course:

1. The broad picture and checklist for project management. A retrospect of completed projects made learning more interesting, as I understood what could be done differently, and what I didn’t do at all or didn’t lay special emphasis on. I also liked that P3.express could be adapted to any project

2. Dima and Valeria's examples from their own knowledge, experience, mistakes and lessons learned. Here I’d like to extend a big thank you to the creators of the course, since I found a lot of answers for myself, including to questions that came up frequently in managing projects. 

3. Notes for each lesson and lots of helpful supplementary materials.

4. The course and practice exams helped me to get ready for certification :) I completed the course at a leisurely pace within a month.

As far as I'm concerned, the course is very informative and even if you do not plan to get certified, it is worth taking it to understand how P3.express works and how you can use it in your projects.
Now a few words about preparation for certification.

The thing is that after I had completed the course and passed the practice exam twice, my family and I moved to Germany. So, before the certification in June, I decided to review the course again in order to brush up on it and take the practice exam again several times. In general, that was enough for me to gain certification. I studied the course in Russian; the certification was in English with automated translation into Russian. It is worth pointing out that it’s better to take the course and certification in the same language. I now know that such an opportunity exists. 

At present I’m unemployed, but I will definitely tell you in future how international certification was put to good use when applying for a job.