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How to prepare for the P3.express exam: Nikita Nikitin's experience

Once, on a dreary Tuesday morning, I was interviewing an applicant for the post of a systems analyst. As it appeared from the CV, the candidate had studied management across the pond and already worked as a project. When asked why he wanted to be interviewed for a position of a systems analyst, he replied that he intended to improve his technical background and become even a more advanced project.

During our talk, he told me that he was preparing for the P3.express test at that moment and would obtain an international certificate. It was the first time I heard such a combination of letters, so I didn't attach any importance to that name, but I remembered it at the back of my mind.

A few days later I recalled our dialog and got on the World Wide Web, to find out more about that test.

The top of the search results page immediately displayed the links to the official site P3.express, where I was completely mystified in 10 seconds, and went to the next page — it was the PMCLUB site. The page describing the course gave me a better understanding of what it is for and I went about my day.

International certification…

This thought came across my mind a couple of weeks later. I wanted to get a certificate in project management. Well, here you don't have to work as a project for 5 years, there are no other requirements either. Great! I signed up for the course "Project Management with P3.express".

I was passionate about watching the course. I watched 10 videos, when I noticed that there were 80 more of them, so I gave it up and got stuck in ruts again. A month later, I got on with studying the course, because I set a goal to obtain a certificate that year.

One day a strategy session was taking place at work, and the President of the company asked one of the managers how it happened that department X didn't know about the existence of his project?

Oh, focused communication! — I thought.

The next day, I immediately suggested the idea of focused PM communication, as a result my offer was accepted and we started working on its implementation.

I got even more enthusiastic about the whole thing and continued watching the course. The videos were flashing before my eyes, I quickly completed the tasks, promptly passed the tests and next thing I knew, I was taking a test at CertN.

Although I was worried that I would watch the course for a couple of months, in total I completed it in the span of one week...

The delivery of the course is just amazing! There are no hour-long videos, enormous flows of information, when only "a couple of new words" linger in your mind after watching the lesson and still you have to google to learn their meaning!

The videos are short so that you are provided only with the relevant information. After watching each video, it feels like some kind of an "instruction" is formed in your mind on how to manage projects, you get an insight about the whole procedure from A to Z.

At the same time, I'm getting a basic education in Project Management, but there is such a vast amount of information that sometimes I wonder whether mathematical models are really needed in project management. And what is a critical path? What the hell are activity-on-arrow networks?

While this P3.express manual can be applied in your work even as we speak!

After the final test, I immediately received a course completion certificate!

I was delighted with this bright certificate and immediately sped to the website CertN to meet with recognition from the international community.

As I was taken to the site, I learned that there are 12 trial attempts and only 1 final testing.

Aha, it occurred to me how to flawlessly pass the test on the spot.

In practice tests you're given 35 questions, which means 35 unique questions, 11 more attempts, and if there are 5 new questions in each trial test, it's possible to learn all the questions and get the top result in the final test.

On the second try, I realized that I would no longer see new questions ... and decided to take the final test right away (after all, I already had 35  unique questions).

The first question, the second, the third ... and when will I see the questions out of those 35 ones? Having done half of the test, I realized that I would not come across the questions I relied on. And I continued doing the test, as if I had been in projects for 20 years and known everything. When I finished it, I still had about half an hour left.

Should I double check my answers? But what to check if I tried to google a couple of questions and couldn't find the answers. I completed thet est.

The result was …
68% out of 67% minimum requirement!

And the certificate was immediately added to my portfolio!